About Us – Miriam & Skye

Hi, we’re Miriam & Skye. Welcome to Veganing.co 

We built Veganing.co with compassion and love for the animals that needlessly suffer for our vanity and taste buds. We focus on cruelty free and vegan beauty, fashion and food products which allow us all to make more compassionate choices.

What We Do

We travel the world full time as Digital Nomads, and are lucky enough to experience the “vegan scenes” in a new city every month.  We share the very best vegan restaurants, cruelty free fashion brands and beauty products we find on our journey.

We know it’s sometimes a struggle to find vegan options in shops and restaurants, especially in the first months of the transition, so we love exploring new vegan recipes, products, restaurants, and foods!

How We Became Vegan


Miriam grew up in Mexico City. Her mother used to feed the kids more vegetables than meat, mostly because they couldn’t afford to eat meat everyday.

Baby Miriam & Her Sister Karla, Mexico City, 1993

Miriam didn’t know anything about veganism until she was 29.  She believed she needed meat to get protein and only knew that eating meat daily wasn’t healthy.  Even seeing videos of slaughterhouses wasn’t enough as her mind refused to believe that every slaughterhouse was the same. 

After living in the US for 14 years, Miriam returned to Mexico in 2019 and was so excited to be back home, she embarked on a food voyage with her sister Karla.

Beachside Back in Mexico

They went crazy with food for a whole month. They ate everything they missed until the day everything changed.  They stopped at a market on a road trip to Cuernavaca and ate a couple of quesadillas. What was supposed to be a great weekend ended up bad for them. They got the worst food poisoning they’d ever had in their lives. 

After the food poisoning episode they started to analyze what got them sick, and realized it was the meat in the quesadilla.  They had sensitive stomachs for weeks and decided to stop eating red meat. After a week of eating light food they went to a seafood restaurant in beautiful Cozumel.  After eating fish and feeling good, it happened again.

Miriam & Karla Enjoying Beautiful Cozumel

More food poisoning followed and the girls suffered for a few more days.  That was enough to make them determined to give up all animal products.

On April 21st, 2019 Miriam and her sister Karla became vegan and have never looked back. Through that experience, they went on to discover the cruel reality of the suffering of the beings she once called food.


Skye grew up in London, UK. In his early 20’s, Skye ran a popular fitness website and was a total gym rat.

He believed the muscle magazines that preached the high-protein and animal products diet.  He also used to be staunch anti-vegan and believed it wasn’t the “optimal” way to eat for strength and health.

Lean & Mean, 2010

After a few years, he saw vegan bodybuilders for the first time and his mind was blown.  How were they so jacked without all the meat and eggs?  How were they so ripped when they were eating 80% carbs?

Reading blog posts he realised they were eating a lot of tofu, and Skye worried about the estrogen issue and growing man boobs.  So he told himself he’d stick with his daily meat and dairy regime.

In April 2018 Skye was living in Dubai and was searching for a new challenge to test his willpower after completing 15 days of 4am wakeups.

Dubai, 2018

He decided to try 7 days of veganism.  After 2 days, he felt incredible. The digestive issues were gone, energy was up, sleep was improved and his strength in the gym went up!

At the end of the 7 days, he decided to run it for another 7 days.  And he never stopped!

After discovering veganism he dug deeper into the truth about the food industry which culminated in watching Earthlings, Forks Over Knives and Gary Yourofsky’s wonderful “The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear”.

After many tears and a lot of information he realised he was going to be vegan forever and wanted to help the world make more compassionate choices. 

Our Mission

We hope to inspire as many people as possible to embrace a plant-based lifestyle, for the love of the animals. Our long term goal is to open an Animal Sanctuary.  If you have any ideas, support or connections to help us make that a reality, please feel free to reach out to us.

Stay inspired, stay compassionate!