Looking For Vegan Gelato? You’ll Love Revolato Bucharest

Revolato Bucharest is hands down the best vegan ice-cream place we’ve ever visited!

Here’s everything you need to know about this vegan company revolutionising the world of gelato.

Discovering Revolato Bucharest

In the heart of Bucharest’s charming Old Town, lies Revolato. It’s the first and only 100% vegan gelateria in Romania.

This vegan gelato emporium caught our eye and captured our hearts during our two months living in beautiful Bucharest.

As you meander through the cobbled streets, taking in the history and ambience, you come across a storefront that stands out thanks to its bold branding.

Revolato Bucharest Vegan Gelateria

Revolato immediately caught our attention.

On a hot day, any ice-cream parlour will see us walk in and ask “do you have anything vegan?”. Usually, we ask with a melancholy tone in our voices, almost already knowing the answer to be no. Heads hanging, we stroll back out into the punishing sun, sweat falling from our brows, shoulders slumped with dejection.

But Revolato was different!

As soon as we walked in, we realised EVERYTHING IS VEGAN! We couldn’t believe it, there were over 15 flavours, there were cakes – in truth the choice was so overwhelming we just stood there marvelling at their creations and taking pictures.

Cups & Cones :)
Cups & Cones 🙂

During our 2 months, we visited weekly, met the owners Cristina and Dario and tried almost every flavour.

Here’s why you need to visit Revolato when you’re in Bucharest:

Reason #1 – Everything Is Vegan

Revolato Vegan Ice cream

Everything is vegan at Revolato, with no compromises.

The founders are vegan and see Revolato as a little step towards a better world. They invite their customers to participate in their dream of #changingtheworldscoopbyscoop with #noguiltypleasure.

Revolato means “REVOluzione del gelATO” because they took the old traditional Italian recipes and moved them into the 21st century by eliminating animal suffering from the ingredients list. That’s why they’re called “Revolato – Il Nuovo Gelato” which means “gelato of the future”, and the future begins now.

Reason #2 – 16 Flavours + Regular Specials

Flavours Galore!
Flavours Galore!

The team at Revolato Bucharest wanted to eat more than just sorbet, which is usually the only thing on offer for vegans. So when they started the business, they made sure to have creamy flavours like chocolate, pistachio, hazelnuts, vanilla etc.

Also, all of the gelatos are gluten-free – everything except the cones, but these are soon to be introduced.

Regular Flavours

  1. Coconut
  2. Mango
  3. Melon
  4. Caramelized Vanilla
  5. Hazelnut with Vegan Nutella
  6. Cremino al Caffè
  7. Pistacchio
  8. Chocolate
  9. Yoghurt with Cherries
  10. Stracciatella
  11. Black Sesame
  12. Lychee & Raspberry
  13. Cherries
  14. Guava
  15. Figs
  16. Kalamansi


  1. Rose
  2. Pomegranate
  3. Strawberry
  4. Fruits of the Forest
  5. Tangerine
  6. Passion Fruit
  7. Ananas
  8. Gianduia
  9. Kiwi
  10. Yoghurt with Figs
  11. Yoghurt with Fruits of the Forest
  12. Yoghurt with Coconut
  13. Lemon
  14. Peanuts
  15. Blueberries
  16. Matcha
  17. Poppy
  18. Almonds & Cookies

Reason #3 – New Flavours Regularly

Can You Tell We're Enjoying These?! 😆
Can You Tell We’re Enjoying These?! 😆

Revolato introduces new flavours faster than we could try them!

So far they’ve introduced 1-4 new flavours every week, and they have a really long list of new flavours of gelato and semifreddo cakes on the way.

Reason #4 – Cakes Galore!

Vegan Cakes Bucharest

As you enter, there’s a fridge on the right side of the ice cream cabinets which contains some special cakes, all of which are gluten-free.

The semifreddo cakes are to die for!

They’re based on vegan “panna “, which is a vegan whipped cream. The cakes have the texture of a mousse, flavoured with different kinds of nuts or fruits – very delicious!

Vegan Gelato and Cakes

Revolato has two types of semifreddo cakes:

1) The small ones called “monoporzione” which can be eaten immediately, taken away or delivered to your door

2) The big ones which are perfect for celebrations like birthdays, parties and company events.

The cakes can be made in many different flavours and even personalised.

You won’t find these cakes anywhere else in Romania (and probably not anywhere in Eastern Europe). We’ve not seen anything like it after travelling to 12 cities in Europe this year (including Rome, Milan and Venice).

P.S – if you get a semifreddo, try Revolato’s coffee with it – divine!

Reason #5 – Raw Vegan is Coming!

Revolato Bucharest Cakes

Raw vegans of the Bucharest prepare yourselves!

Revolato is already working on their raw vegan gelato recipes, and word on the street is there’s going to be a lot of flavours coming your way.

Keep an eye on Revolato’s Instagram to know when these new gelatos are introduced.

Reason #6 – Revolato is Eco-Friendly

Founder Dario serving up the finest vegan gelato.
Founder Dario serving up the finest vegan gelato.

Being vegan only, Revolato already scores highly on the eco-friendly scale. Still, these smart owners wanted to go one better.

They eliminate single-use plastic (as far as possible) and their take away boxes, spoons and gelato & coffee cups are made of compostable materials.  Known as PLA and totally plant-based as its made from sugar cane, cornstarch or tapioca root.  That means it disintegrates naturally after 6-12 months. Impressive considering traditional materials need toxic chemicals and hundreds to thousands of years to disappear!

PLA costs twice as much as plastic, but Revolato thinks it’s worth it for the planet, and we agree wholeheartedly. 🌍 💚 

Reason #7 – The Owners Are Awesome!

With Dario & Cristina, the founders of Revolato
With Dario & Cristina, the founders of Revolato

The soul and brain behind Revolato are Cristina & Dario.

Cristina was born in Romania and became vegan 6 years ago, Dario is from Sicily and has been vegan for 2 years. Could there be a better combination for an authentic Italian and vegan gelateria in the heart of Bucharest!

Before Revolato, Dario was a civil engineer, and Cristina studied physics, which means they started Revolato Bucharest with only a dream and no idea how to do it.  It was as simple as knowing they wanted to make the best vegan gelato in the world.

Reason #8 – Healthier Than Regular Ice Cream

Revolato Bucharest Ice Cream

Revolutionising gelato to be vegan is one thing, but making it healthier than regular ice-cream is another bonus.

The gelato contains almost no fat (just the natural fat from the nuts), but it’s no less creamy or tasty than regular ice cream. 

The vegan gelato is made with a base of rice milk mixed with the flavours, all coming from fruits and nuts. There are no added chemical colourants or aromas.

Revolato Bucharest has Sugar Free flavours too, which are sweetened only with stevia.  The gelato with sugar uses grape sugar and cane sugar.

How To Find Revolato Bucharest


Strada Covaci nr 12, București 030167, Romania


Opening Hours:

  • Thursday 12–10PM
  • Friday 12–10PM
  • Saturday 12–10PM
  • Sunday 12–10PM
  • Monday 12–10PM
  • Tuesday 12–10PM
  • Wednesday 12–10PM

Connect With Revolato Bucharest

Revolato Bucharest

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