12 Vegan Fashion Beauty Bloggers You Should Be Following

Today we pay homage to our favourite vegan beauty and fashion bloggers on Instagram.

These unsung heroes show that cosmetics and clothes can be compassionate, so here’s a vegan fist bump 👊 from us to these legends:


This NYC-based Make Up Artist has a beauty channel we love, because she uses only vegan and cruelty free products.

Her YouTube channel amassed a large following thanks to her easy how-to’s, makeup tutorials and honest product reviews.

Check out Sasha’s Instagram here.


We adore thatveganbxtch’s page! Its full of stylish vegan fashion pieces, with a smattering of vegan food that makes our stomachs rumble.

We especially love how their posts have a colour theme running through them, that changes every few posts:

Go check out their page here.


Our co-founder Skye is from London, UK so he has a soft spot for any vegan brand from the UK and he’s a big fan of Bare Fashion.

They showcase the best innovative independent vegan fashion & beauty brands and most impressively, they created the UK’s first ‪vegan fashion show. We only get to be in the UK a few months a year, but we’ll be getting our tickets to show our support!

Go check out their Instagram here and their website here.


Alive is a vegan boutique offering shoes and handbags that are ethical and sustainable – all the things we care about!

They post the most stylish fashion products, but also mouth-watering food, thought-provoking vegan lifestyle posts and some really funny memes like this one:

Check them out over on Instagram.


Lovely Things has a solid range of vegan handbags and accessories that are PETA approved, ethical and many of them are handmade.

They make many of their products from Piñatex, a natural and sustainable sourced non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibre and cork which is the outer bark of the cork oak tree.

Go check out The Lovely Things on Instagram.


We have a major vegan crush on Emmanuelle Rienda, founder of Vegan Fashion Week, the world’s leading ethical fashion movement.

Emmanuelle is also multi-talented in her own right, she’s a Creative Director, Curator, Producer, Vegan Fashion Expert & Activist.

Her account is can live next to anything you’d see in Vogue (who’ve featured Vegan Fashion Week).

Check out her account here.


We fell in love with Camilla’s Instagram account when we say the tagline in her bio “There’s nothing revolutionary in cruelty.”

Mic drop. 🎤

This Italian vegan photographer and content creator has a light and bright feed covering vegan beauty and cosmetics products.

Go check out Camilla’s Insta here.


Noa is a super cool vegan blogger from Tel Aviv, Israel 🇮🇱 who lives in Hannover, Germany.

Her page features the best vegan, fair, sustainable and innovative fashion brands and beauty products. We especially like her thought-provoking captions that always give us a fresh perspective and something to ponder as we go about our day.

Go check out Noa’s page here.


Marta is a Spanish, Belgian living in London who is big on conscious eco living, sustainable fashion and cruelty free skincare.

We love her posts exposing fashion brands, showing us outfit ideas and also showing us the delicious vegan food she gets to enjoy.

Her account is personal, fun, informational and best of all REAL! We’re big fans of Marta and we think you will be too.

Vegan Fashion Beauty Bloggers

Go check out her account here.


Cait’s IG is so fire 🔥, we love her mix of travel, fashion, fitness, food and beauty – all the things we’re about.

Her whole account is bright, uplifting and informational. She also has a great blog where she goes deeper on the stuff she posts on her Instagram.

Vegan Fashion Beauty Bloggers

Go here to check out Cait’s Insta.


Anca-Monica is a vegan and sustainability role model, she posts about a wide range of topics including vegan and cruelty free skincare, fashion, cosmetics sprinkled with some breathtaking backdrops (Hello Dolomites!).

We especially like the quality of photography. You can really see the thought that goes into each post, that detail makes everything feel “together” but still real. Not easy to do.

Go check out Anca-Monica’s Instagram here.


Sal is a Melbourne, Australia based food, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger whose page gives us major aesthetic envy! 😍

We love her bright and colourful posts accompanied by her positive captions – And her kittens are adorable!

Vegan Fashion Beauty Bloggers

Go check out Sal’s Insta here.

Know Any More Vegan Fashion Beauty Bloggers?

We did our best to showcase our favourite bloggers who don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but we’re always open to meeting more of them.

Did we miss any vegan fashion and beauty bloggers we should know about?

Let us know in the comments.

Miriam & Skye x

P.S Go here for more vegan fashion and vegan beauty posts.

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