22 Irresistable Vegan Smores Recipes (The Ultimate List)

There are so many incredible vegan smores recipes and we’ve compiled the very best of them here.

Check out how these incredible bloggers and recipe revolutionists take 3 simple ingredients – crackers, marshmallows and chocolate and turn them into these mouth-watering creations!

This is the ultimate list of Vegan Smores Recipes:

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Vegan Smores Cookie Bars

We love these Vegan Smores Cookie Bars from Nora Cooks because they’re super simple – Just 10 minutes, 9 ingredients, 1 bowl and just 6 steps to make.

Vegan Smores Recipes

Here’s the recipe.

5-Ingredient S’Mores Bars (Gluten Free, Vegan, and Paleo)

With a 3 ingredient crust, 2 ingredient filling and 1 ingredient topping, plus a few minutes in the oven these look divine! Being Gluten free and paleo scores extra points too.

Vegan Smores Recipes with Marshmallows

Here’s the recipe.

Gooey S’mores Bars (Gluten & Nut Free)

Taking just 5 minutes work before throwing in the oven, these S’mores bars from Caitlin at From My Bowl are making our mouths water!

Vegan Smores Bars

Here’s the recipe.

S’mores Bars Recipe

We love Haley from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen’s S’mores Bars Recipe which are “better than real s’mores!”.

Vegan Smores Bars Recipes

Here’s the recipe.

No Bake Vegan Smores Bars

This No Bake Vegan Smores Bars by Yasmin from Nourishing Yas gets bonus points for being no-bake, so we can make them anywhere, even without a full kitchen.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’mores Crumble Bars

Amy from Nourishing Amy made these crumbly, sticky and sweet flapjack-style bars layered with gooey vegan marshmallows and melted dark chocolate topped with an oaty crumble.

Here’s the recipe.


Purely Kaylie’s Vegan S’mores Cookies

With only 11 ingredients and 10 minutes prep, this is another great plant-based recipe with simple, healthy ingredients from Kaylie.

Here’s the recipe.

S’mores Stuffed Cookies

Britt from the Banana Diaries has a ton of healthy plant based dessert recipes and we love this one the most!

Here’s the recipe.


No-Bake Vegan S’mores Pie

This one is from Rebecca at Strength and Sunshine and is gluten-free, allergy-free and low sugar which makes it good for the little ones too.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’mores Pie

Elizabeth from Under The Willow Tree created this mouth-watering, refined sugar-free, 7 ingredient vegan smores pie that takes just 15 minutes to make.

Here’s the recipe.


Vegan S’mores Cupcakes

These Vegan S’mores Cupcakes from Camila at Pies and Tacos are the ultimate vegan summer dessert! How amazing do they look!

Here’s the recipe.

Mini Vegan S’mores Cheesecakes

These cheesecakes are made from a graham cracker crust, a cashew-based middle and topped with chocolate ganache and a marshmallow. They do take time to make (3 hours), but we’re sure you’ll agree its worth it! This one comes from Erin from The Almond Eater.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’mores Mug Cake

Lisa from Okonomi Kitchen take just 2 minute to make! They’re vegan, gluten free and oil free!

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’mores Cupcakes

Here’s another s’moresome (get it) cupcake recipe from Elizabeth from Under The Willow Tree.

Here’s the recipe.

Ginger S’mores Cupcakes

Another recipe from Holly Jade from The Little Blog of Vegan (check her Smores Macarons recipe on this page too) – these are “the most moorish cupcakes that have ever existed”.

Here’s the recipe.


Pies and Tacos Vegan S’mores Donuts

Pies and Tacos are back with another recipe, this time with their Vegan S’mores Donuts – Just look at them! 😍

Here’s the recipe.

Other Interesting Vegan Smores Recipes

Easy S’mores Pancakes

These Easy S’mores Pancakes from The Edgy Veg use a vegan buttermilk mix topped with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan Smores Parfaits

Would you believe this recipe uses chickpeas and avocados to make these smores parfaits! The genius behind these is Amanda from The Mindful Avocado (see her Smores Ice Cream recipe below for more from her).

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan Smores Truffles

Here’s another one from Haley from If You Give A Blond a Kitchen, this time a variation of her S’mores Bars Recipe (see above for that).

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’more Macarons

Holly Jade from The Little Blog of Vegan made these crispy and chewy vegan, gluten-free and wheat-free S’mores macarons that look incredible!

Here’s the recipe.

S’mores Ice Cream (No Churn)

Amanda from The Mindful Avocado created this delicious, velvety and creamy super easy vegan ice cream recipe.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’mores Popsicles

Alexa Peduzzi is the founder of Fooduzzi, a plant-based food blog that made these S’mores Popsicles that take only 10 minutes to make.

Here’s the recipe.

Vegan S’Mores Pops (Allergy-Friendly)

Made with just 3 easy allergy-friendly ingredients, these S’Mores Pops are from Nicole at Allergylicious.

Here’s the recipe.

Know Any Other Vegan Smores Recipes?

We’d love to keep updating this list of smores recipes, let us know in the comments if you’ve got a vegan smores recipe we should add.

Miriam & Skye x

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