Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant Cancun Review

Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant Cancun captured our hearts after living in Downtown Cancun for over 6 months.

We did our best to eat at every single vegan restaurant – all in the name of research of course. 😆

Antojito Con Amor was the first vegan restaurant that Miriam and her sister Karla tried in Cancun. They couldn’t believe it was vegan because the menu didn’t sounds vegan, it was just like any other Mexican restaurant. The menu even lists “mozzarella cheese” instead of “vegan cheese” which makes you doubt if its really vegan.

In fact, we called the owner twice to check and were assured that everything is vegan and we’ve since eaten there many times without a problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant Cancun.

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antojito con amor vegan restaurant cancun

The Location

Antojito’s Con Amor is in Downtown Cancun, which is safe for tourists and easy to get to. We lived Downtown for 6 months and visited Antojito’s both in the day and at night without any issues.

The restaurant is just off one of the main roads in Downtown called Avenida Cancun, the address, restaurant map and directions are here.

The Menu

antojito con amor vegan restaurant cancun tacos

The menu is fairly extensive, but they also have regular specials they usually announce on Instagram and Facebook.

The menu is in Spanish, but they also have an English version. Here’s the fully translated and verified version for you (every dish is 100% vegan):


Guacamole – 70 pesos

Delicious guacamole prepared fresh and accompanied by tortilla chips.

Boneless Cauliflower – 85 pesos

antojito con amor vegan restaurant cancun Cauliflower

Battered cauliflower, accompanied by homemade vegan blue cheese, celery and your choice of sauce.

Nachos With Love – 100 pesos

Homemade corn chips with melted cheddar cheese, chilli peppers in brine and your choice of veggie meat (flank steak, pastor, suadero or spicy sausage).

Jalapeño Poppers

Three jalapeno peppers stuffed with crunchy breaded cheddar cheese. Accompanied with hot BBQ sauce.

Onion Rings – 50 pesos

Delicious crunchy breaded to perfection accompanied by your favourite sauce.

Tex Mex Potatoes

200 grams of french fries with melted cheddar cheese, topped with your favourite veggie meat of your choice.


Ham, Suadero, Flank Steak, Breaded Vegetable Patty – 65 pesos

Served with beans, “Veganese”, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Pastor – 65 pesos

Served with “veganese”, cilantro, onion and pineapple.

Cuban Sandwich – 75 pesos

Breaded patty, ham, sausage, “veganese”, beans, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Special Sandwich – 75 pesos

Breaded patty, spicy sausage, melted cheese, “veganese”, beans, lettuce, tomato and avocado.


Pastor – 60 pesos

Served with onion, cilantro and pineapple.

Suadero – 60 pesos

Served with onion and cilantro.

Flank Steak – 60 pesos

Served with onion and cilantro.

Breaded – 65 pesos

Served with onion and cilantro.

Griddled Mushrooms – 65 pesos

Served with onion and cilantro.

Garlic & Butter Mushrooms – 65 pesos

Served with onion, cilantro, cucumber and radish.

Campechano – 65 pesos (75 with cheese)

Veggie spicy sausage, veggie flank steak.


Pambazos – 65 pesos

Fried bread soaked in chilli pepper sauce, filled with vegan spicy sausage (chorizo) and potatoes, lettuce, sour cream and cheese.

These were Skye’s second love in Mexico (Miriam was first of course 😍). The week Miriam gave Skye a pambazo, he ate 10 of them over the next 5 days!

Miriam’s first experience with Antojio’s pambazo blew her mind too. They were one of her favourite Mexican dishes since she was a girl, but she couldn’t eat them often because her Mom didn’t let her eat out (“There’s food in the house!” 😆)”.

Miriam thought the vegan pambazo wasn’t going to be like the real one, mostly because they contain chorizo, sour cream and cheese, but her first bite was amazing! She felt like she was back in Mexico City eating a real Pambazo, she was confused and delighted at the same time.

Some pambazos are cooked in cheap, overused oil which makes you feel sick, but Antojito’s does not do this, so we never had any illness or feeling like we’d eaten too much junk food.

We both still dream about these and talk about them often, even 6 months since we left Mexico! 🇲🇽

Huarache – 80 pesos

Flat fried corn dough topped with beans and your vegan meat of your choice: flank steak, suadero, pastor or spicy sausage, served with sour cream.

Another popular Mexican dish from Miriam’s hometown of Mexico City. They are made with masa dough, filled with smashed pinto beans and folded into an oblong shape. The base is then fried and its served with a variety of toppings including green or red salsa, onions, potato, cilantro and vegan meat finished with sour cream.

These are traditionally served with fried cactus leaves and the name comes from the shape of the masa, which is similar to the popular sandals of the same name. Nike also has a sneaker with the same name you might have seen.

Choriqueso – 90 pesos

Vegan spicy sausage roasted with melted cheese in a clay bowl. Served with flour or corn tortillas.


All alambres comes with 4 tortillas and are accompanied by green and red sauces.

Veggie Meat Alambres – 100 pesos

Sweet peppers, onion and the vegetable meat of your choice.

Mushroom Alambres – 110 pesos

Sweet peppers, onion, mushrooms and melted cheese.

Tofu Alambres – 110 pesos

Sweet peppers, onion, tofu and melted cheese.

Gringas – 65 pesos

Flour tortilla with melted cheese and veggie meat of your choice: suadero, flank steak, pastor or spicy sausage.

Double Cheese Quesadilla – 85 pesos

Flour tortilla with griddled wild mushrooms, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese served with sour cream and pico de gallo.


BBQ Burger

  • Patty made with lentils and mushrooms – 100 pesos
  • Patty made with tofu and oatmeal – 120 pesos

Both served with American cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and “veganese”

Vegan Fish Burger – 95 pesos

Battered wild mushrooms with lettuce, tomato and tartar dressing.

Buffalo Portobello Burger – 95 pesos

Portobello burger with breaded portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato and avocado with buffalo sauce and vegan blue cheese.

Triple Cheeseburger

  • Patty made with lentils and mushrooms – 135 pesos
  • Patty made with tofu and oatmeal – 145 pesos

Three patties with mozzarella cheese, cheddar and american cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles.

Choripan – 75 pesos

Vegan Argentinian sausage sandwich with lettuce, tomato and chimichurri dressing.

Beyond Burger – 180 pesos

Beyond meat patty in rustic bread with “veganese” over lettuce, tomato and red onion.


Hot Dog Supremo (22 cm) – 125 pesos

Smoked veggie sausage in artisan fine herbs bread with mushrooms and roasted onion, served with melted cheese.

Classic Flying Saucer – 50 pesos

Wheat toast with vegan ham, “veganese” and choose 2 out of 3 options of cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and American.

3 Kinds of Cheese Flying Saucer – 55 pesos

Wheat toast, “veganese” and choose 2 out of 3 options of cheese, mozzarella, cheddar and American.

Mushrooms Philly Cheese – 82 pesos

Mushrooms with onion and roasted peppers, served with melted cheese.

Flank Steak Philly Cheese – 75 pesos

Vegan steak style with onions, roasted peppers and melted cheese.

Extras – 15 pesos

  • Cheese
  • Blue Cheese
  • Salsa Buffalo
  • Honey Mustard
  • BBQ
  • BBQ Hot

From The Sea

Vegan Fish & Chips – 95 pesos

Battered wild mushrooms with fries and tartar dressing.

Ceviche – 95 pesos

Mushrooms and wild mushrooms marinated in lime juice with seaweed, onion, tomato, cilantro, avocado and olive oil. Served with crackers and corn chips.

Vegan Fish Tacos – 95 pesos

3 pieces, served with cabbage, julienne and chipotle “veganese”.

Wild Mushroom Cocktail – 95 pesos

In cocktail sauce with seaweed, onion, tomato, cilantro, avocado and olive oil. Served with crackers and corn chips.

Kids Menu

Junior Burger – 60 pesos

Veggie patty made with soy and wheat, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles.

Hot Dog – 45 pesos (+15 for extra melted cheese)

Tofu sausage with onion and tomato.

French Fries – 45 pesos (+15 for extra melted cheese)

Nuggets – 55 pesos

Served with ketchup and honey mustard.

Corn Dogs – 70 pesos

2 pieces.

Burger Combo – 110 pesos

Junior burger, fries and today’s fresh water (agua del dia).

Hot Dog Combo – 90 pesos

Hot dog, fries and today’s fresh water (agua del dia).

Nuggets Combo – 100 pesos

Nuggets, fries and today’s fresh water (agua del dia).


Carrot Cake With Walnut – 60 pesos

Served by slice.

Double Chocolate Cake with Nuts – 60 pesos

Served by slice.

Coffee Cheesecake – 60 pesos

Served by slice.

Apple Strudel – 75 pesos

With vanilla ice cream.

Ice Cream – 60 pesos

Ask for the available options.

Banana Flying Saucer – 45 pesos

With peanut butter and bananas.

Marmalade Flying Saucer – 45 pesos

Strawberry jam, and peanut butter.


Refrescos – 25 pesos

Bottled Mineral Water – 25 pesos

Agua Del Dia – 25 pesos



Antojito’s takeout is available from Uber Eats, however, the specials change daily so call the restaurant to enquire. They will tell you the price of the special and tell you to order something else (with the same value) and leave a note telling them the name of the special.

We did this 4-5 times without any issues.

The only negative is the take out menu does not have the same dishes as the restaurant. We called before and asked for particular dishes only to be told they’re not available for home delivery.


BBQ Tacos – 70 pesos

Soy meat and wheat, red barbecue style, served with onion, coriander, lemon. Order of 3 tacos.

Pibil Tacos – 70 pesos

Soy meat and wheat Yucatan style pibil, served with purple onions. Order of 3 tacos.

BBQ Sandwich- 70 pesos

Soy meat and wheat, red barbecue style, served with onion, coriander, lemon.

Pibil Sandwich – 70 pesos

Soy meat and wheat Yucatan style pibil, served with purple onions.

Chickpea Soup – 70 pesos

Red chickpea soup, accompanied by coriander, onion and lemon.

Mushroom Broth – 70 pesos

Mushroom broth, accompanied by coriander, onion and lemon.

Off Menu Specials (Change Weekly)

Donuts are another speciality at Antojito’s.

They taste just like a regular donuts and are soft with chocolate that tastes like milk chocolate (unlike the typical dark chocolate flavour). If you’re having donuts make sure to get more than one because they only make them once a week.


Gansito is a typical Mexican cake bar that Miriam enjoyed as a kid in Mexico City.

Gansito’s are a sponge and jam filled, chocolate covered bar with chocolate sprinkles that’s sold across Mexico and the U.S. Antojito con Amor is one of the few places that has made a vegan version called the Vegansito (the other place is Sirena Morena Cancun, see our review here).


Tacos de Camaron

Tacos de Chicharrón

Special Offers & Discounts

Every Tuesday 3 tacos for the price of two (doesn’t apply to take out):

Soup of the day (only Monday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm):

Discount – Bring your own tupperware when collecting takeout and get a 5% discount:

Buy 1 hamburger or supreme hotdog and get the second one at half price (Only in restaurant, does not apply beyond burger, nor triple burger):

Every week they have a different special that they post on Instagram and Facebook.

The Food

The food at Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant Cancun is incredible! Some of the best vegan food in Cancun for sure.

Other places like Vegan Planet or Sirena Morena have more healthy vegan dishes, but Antojito’s has more of the vegan junk food we all crave!

And Antojitos does vegan junk food better than anywhere else in Cancun, except maybe Caribe Vegano.

Of everything we ate, our absolute favourite dishes were:

  • Pambazo (salivating right now typing this, would literally fly back to Mexico just for another)!
  • Torta Milanese, Especial and Cubano – The best vegan junk food sandwiches in Cancun
  • Alambres – Any of the soy meat alambres are good
  • Beyond Burger
  • Huarache
  • Mint Chocolate Cheesecake (we only ever found this twice in 6 months)
  • Donuts (can be hard to get, call early to get them on the days they get them)

The Restaurant

Antojito’s has recently moved locations, the picture above is of the old location, this is the new location:

The restaurant itself is basic, there are basic tables and its clean and bright inside (even though this picture isn’t).

The Experience

We enjoyed the experience, the food was great and everything was relaxed. We visited Antojito Con Amor vegan restaurant Cancun multiple times and always had a good time.


The service was always good. The kitchen is open, so you can see your food being prepared and you order directly from here too.

You then wait at your table and they bring the food to you once its ready. When the meal is over, you go back to the open-kitchen area and pay.

The staff were always friendly and made conversation with us.

The Crowd

In the old location there were multiple restaurants with communal tables, so you’d get more families but the new location is only Antojito’s so the crowd is mostly younger people.

Menu Variety

The menu has a lot of options, with multiple choices in each category (sandwiches, tacos etc). There’s so much to try, one visit is not enough.

We visited Antojito’s many times and had takeout and we never had a bad meal.

The regular specials mean there’s always something to discover each week, we loved calling the restaurant each week to discover the latest vegan inspired dish being offered. Sometimes we called too late and missed out, on other days we managed to get the goodies!

Value For Money

Antojito’s is very reasonably priced with tacos or a sandwich costing just over 3 USD. That let’s you order all of the dishes you want to try, eat what you can and save some for later.

The food doesn’t go bad and often tastes even better when you reheat it later in the day. We did that with Pambazos many times without any issues.

Overall Score

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

We gave Antojito’s an 8 because the deserts menu is small, the deserts on the specials menu are great but are tough to get before they sell out/stop being made.

Also, the location is a little far from the centre of Downtown which means we always need to take taxis to get there.

Getting To Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant

Address: Calle Pehaltun Manzana 5 Lote 1 77533 Cancún, Mexico

Antojito Con Amor vegan restaurant Cancun is a little out of the way, its around 20 minutes in a Taxi from the hotel zone and just over 10 minutes from Downtown Cancun.

Note: The images of the location on Google Maps are incorrect! This is the old location:

There is no picture of Antojito’s new location (we asked the owner directly), so the images you see are of the previous restaurant that was there. Anyway, don’t let the exterior put you off, some of the best food in Cancun is in places like this.

To make it easier to find, here’s a map and photos of the location:

Old Google Maps Image
Antojito’s is the the place behind the black car.
Note the orange building is yellow on the outdated Google Maps image below

We visited the new location last week and the area has changed since the Google Maps images, here’s how it looks now:

Old Google Maps Image
How Antojito’s Looks in August 2020
How Antojito’s Looks in August 2020

The area Antojitos Con Amor Vegan Restaurnt Cancun is located in is a typical local area, but not close to Downtown, so you’ll need a taxi to get there (thankfully taxi’s and Ubers are cheap).

You’ll also find two other great Cancun vegan restaurants not far away: Vegan Planet and Sirena Morena (see our review here) and we’ve also marked in purple where the main street in Downtown Cancun is so you can see the location easily.

Contact Details

If you want to contact Antojito’s their contact details are below:

Phone: +52 998 324 0464
Instagram: @antojitoconamor

Opening Hours

Important: Antojito Con Amor Vegan Restaurant is closed on Sundays

  • Monday 1:30pm–9pm
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 1:30pm–9pm
  • Thursday 1:30pm–9pm
  • Friday 1:30pm–9pm
  • Saturday 9am–9pm
  • Sunday 9am–9pm

Must Know About Antojitos Con Amor

  • Can pay with cards
  • Closed on Tuesday’s – Here’s the times
  • Wifi, parking, wheelchair accessible on site
  • The restaurant is 100% vegan (check the menu)
  • The deserts on the menu are few, but they make a special desert every day (if you like a dessert, get an extra one as you might not find again tomorrow).
  • The restaurants has a store with vegan products 

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